AtomixMP3 2.3

Tool for playing and customizing your MP3 files, great for DJs and artists

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AtomixMP3 2.3
AtomixMP3 2014

Mixing and matching music like a professional DJ is something that can either be accomplished through years and years of practice or through a simple download of AtomixMP3.

An Overview of AtommixMP3

While there may be a ton of programs out there designed to help you mix and mash music like a DJ pro, most are inherently and necessarily complex, large on size, and heavy and resources. To draw a good comparison, mastering most DJ software programs is like mastering Photoshop. All told, it can be a complicated ordeal. However, with AtommixMP3, you have a much easier program that allows you to mix and match music like you've been doing it for years. The user interface is ridiculously simplistic to use, and it's an attractive piece of software that won't drain your resources, weighing in at only 3.3 MB. This is very small considering the punch this program packs.

One of the first things that might grab you about this program is that it uses an automatic beat-matching system, or algorithm, which means it's very easy to sync up your tracks. This is something that with most programs takes a lot of fine-tuning in the details. With this program, you basically drag and drop and align things up. The UI does the rest. Along with a system that's very easy to navigate through, the learning curve here is very low.

What AtommixMP3 Is and What It Does

This isn't necessarily a program that's going to help you to make any sort of professional quality edits to existing audio. What AtommixMP3 basically does is allow you to combine tracks and make mash-ups that sound as good a professional DJs in a studio. You put two tracks in, view the BPM, and then you have four loop modes, high, med, and low pitch and bass bars, brakes, and many more effects you can add to make a quality mash-up. It's easy to add any song files you want from your hard drive, and the program accepts a broad range of formats, not only MP3, and you save your output as WAV.

If you want to go a little old-school, you can also use this program to instantly burn files to a CD. While that might seem a little outdated, some of the top DJs in the world don't go anywhere without a CD changer. It's still a viable source for music, although the MP3s are definitely taking over. All told, this is a very simplistic program that most people can learn to master within a few hours. You won't have to read through a bunch of tutorials. The UI is pretty simplistic and sophisticated.

Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to learn
  • Tons of different effects and options
  • Creates HD audio outputs
  • Easy to load your music in


  • Full package is a bit pricey
  • Rendering eats a lot of memory
  • Could use more custom options for original music

AtomixMP3 is a two-track music player and mixer that mimics authentic DJ equipment. The software comes with sample tracks and automatically scans for your own music. Four loop lengths, pitch and bass can be adjusted individually for each loaded track. It is fun to change up an existing track by adding special effects, including a bell, laugh, scream, wolf whistle and many more. Experiment with the cross-fader, auto beat match, scratch and additional real DJ tools without the high price of the equipment. Broadcast, save or burn mix sessions to show off your new skills to an audience. Anyone can get familiar with the program to perfect their skills or to start have a fun new hobby mixing audio tracks. It's a small download that is compatible with different versions of the Windows operating system.

I have been using the software for a couple of years to get the tracks together for house parties. It is easy to spend a few hours customizing a long playlist so that there is no pressure to stand up using DJ equipment while everybody else has fun socializing. My regular job is not fun or interesting, so it is nice to have a creative outlet on the computer to kick back with.

Weaving two hit tracks together to make a new mashup is simple to do from the AtomixMP3 program. The cross-fader and auto mix alone are well worth the download. I'd recommend trying it out for anyone interested in becoming a DJ or that just happens to love playing around with music tracks. It is also great for someone who would like to broadcast his or her talents through Internet radio without buying a lot of expensive equipment.


  • Clean interface
  • Easy to navigate
  • Lots of features
  • Files are easy to burn or broadcast


  • No mobile version

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